In this reading alcove, you will find book reviews of children’s picture books, a scattering of reviews of adult Christian nonfiction books, historical fiction, and classics.

Ralph Waldo Emerson gave me the title for this blog: “O Day of days when we can read! 
The reader and the book, either without the other is naught.”

Reading to Learn – Learning to Read


I am delighted to be writing about books and stories, tall and short tales, readers young and old.  My life may intertwine with the words on the pages.  I can choose to live amongst these books as a character in the story, as a piece of the tale, or just surrounded by the delights in each story.  I love to dwell in the story more often than not as I read.  Books are my delight.  Having taught children for many-a-year, I found that teaching the young ones to read was such a joy for me, for I was teaching a life skill, a forever-life-skill.  If we miss learning to read in those primary years, we lose so very much.  Reading is vital to all we do in life.  Reading guides our writing.  Reading helps us in the word problems of mathematics.  Reading is what we do when we need to learn history, psychology, civics, sciences, a foreign language.  Reading tells us what the directions are and what they are not.  Reading teaches us about others, about life, about sorrow, and about fun.

After teaching, I became a children’s librarian in a public library where I was able to encourage reading, introduce books, new and old, to the families, share my joy of reading, and teach parents just how valuable reading with their children really was (is)!

Reading is what I love to do and I want others to want to read too … just because!  It is an art and it is beautiful.  I am tutoring the primary-aged child now and love that I still get to be a part of a child’s life…still teaching reading!

As we journey through books, they become windows to the world, past, present, and future, to the world around us.  They invite us into the canoes with Lewis and Clark, into the living room of Jo, Meg, Beth, and Amy, into the log cabin or even the White House with Abraham Lincoln, onto the steps of the Lincoln Memorial with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., into the laboratories of scientists and inventors such as Galileo Galilei and George Washington Carver.  Books sweep us along with teenage detectives like the Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew, or on adventures with the Bobbsey Twins, or down the rabbit hole with Alice.

May we enjoy each book for whatever it has to share with us.  As our eyes and hearts open to each story, each lesson, my desire is that each one will entice us to read more, learn to read better, and especially to learn to love reading!

This blog will include book reviews for children’s books of primary and elementary age, a few adolescent/young adult books, a classic adult fiction once in awhile.  I will review Christian non-fiction books that I read for my own spiritual growth.  There will be a few historical novels and some (auto)biographical works as well.  I will also interject thoughts along my journey through books and my spiritual walk.  I surely hope you will join me.

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