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Henry loses Raspberry, his toy rabbit, his do-everything-together companion.  His parents help Henry search the house and the yard high and low to no avail.

Then he asks his grandfather who gives him this answer: “You just have to imagine that Raspberry is with you—in this moment!”

So, Henry, believing his grandfather knew “more than anyone else who had ever lived,” began to imagine that Raspberry was with him.  Henry imagined that he and Raspberry were explorers, mountain climbers, pirates, astronauts, and dragon catchers.  Henry’s imagination kept his faithful friend right alongside of him….until….  Yes, this story reaches an happy conclusion.

The illustrations are unique.  Nic George used pen with black ink to draw the simple sketches on manilla-colored paper.  As a photographer, Nic produced the pages using pieces of shrubbery, salt shaken and formed into a cave around a drawing, clothespins as crocodiles, fabric swirled around the crocodiles to resemble the sea, and other objects and ingredients forming collages, background and foreground.  He adds color via these photographed additions, calling his use of these various mediums ‘mixed.”  It is an interesting journey for the eye.

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What I am not pleased with is that the author makes it sound like believing makes everything we ask for come true.  The words “Ask.  Believe.  Receive.” are written on the book’s website.  For children, they ask for what they want or hope for which is not always in line with the way things really happen or along the same vein as what the parents or God want for that child.  It is more like the old line from my childhood of “wishing on a star.”  There may be some disappointments just like we, as adults, have come to find in our lives.

Reading Level:  4 – 8 Years

Skye Byrne is originally from Australia.  She studied Professional Writing before moving to California to be the Writer and Production Assistant for “The Secret.”  She is currently the Senior Editor and Executive Producer with the company.  This is her first children’s book. 
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Nic George is also originally from Australia, and now living in California.  His background is in Fine Arts and Design.  He is the Creative Director and an Illustrator for “The Secret.”

Book Information: 
ISBN-13: 9781481406260
Publisher:  Aladdin
Publication date: 10/20/2015
Pages: 40
Product dimensions: 10.30(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.30(d)