3721507A library which opens for the night only is run by a young girl who is the librarian, of course.  Not your ordinary library, I must admit!  This special librarian is also not ordinary.  She is a girl and has three assistants who happen to be owls, those birds who just happen to love the night hours!  Animals are the patrons who want books, of course.  The four staff members help each one find just the “perfect” book, just to their individual liking.  Each patron would stay and read in this open-all-night peaceful and quiet library.

(BEWARE!!  This review is filled with spoilers!!)

One night, though, a “band of squirrels” came in, set up, and began playing loudly, disrupting the patrons.  But our little librarian knew the answer to the problem.  Rather than kick them out, she took them upstairs to the activity room where they could play and find a “good song” for their next concert.  So the night library returned to its peaceful and quiet self.

Later, as the librarian put books back on the shelves, she thought it was raining inside, but it was a wolf in the library which could not contain his tears when he got to a very sad part in his book, leaving him unable to finish reading.  The librarian took him to the storytelling corner where the owls finished reading the book (knowing that he needed to hear the tale completely because it had a happy ending).

Preparing to close the library, one patron would not leave because he, the tortoise, wanted to finish his book, but he read as slowly as turtles walk across streets.  The librarian made him his own library card so he could check out the book in order to read it at home, making him so very happy.

The little librarian had an answer for everything!  And upon closing, she and the owls prepared for bed where she read a bedtime story to them for a good day’s sleep before another night at the Midnight Library.

I loved this book.  Not only is it an original story filled with imaginative characters, events, and outcomes, but it is done in three simple colors (gold, black, blue) making it easy on the eye.  Being a retired children’s librarian, I highly recommend this book as a bedtime story and as a story about libraries and books.  You will love it!!

Reading Level: 3 – 6 Years

Kazuno Kohara  grew up in Japan and went to the United Kingdom as a student, where she studied printmaking at Anglia Ruskin University, graduating in 2007 with her Masters in Art.  Kazuno currently lives in Cambridge, England.  You can find her @ http://www.bookstart.org.uk/books/authors/96923

She has written three other books:

  • Ghosts in the House!, Roaring Brook Press, 2008  Her book Ghosts in the House was named a Best Illustrated Children’s Book of 2008 by The New York Times.  (The Haunted House was also the title of what looks to me to be the same book, but a different publisher, but could not find any information comparing the two.  The covers are the same but maybe I am missing something.  Both are described as her first book.?)
  • Here Comes Jack Frost, Roaring Brook Press, 2009
  • Little Wizard, Roaring Brook Press, 2010

Book Information

  • ISBN-13: 9781596439856
  • Publisher: Roaring Brook Press
  • Publication date: 6/17/2014
  • Pages: 32
  • Product dimensions: 9.90 (w) x 10.00 (h) x 0.40 (d)

Original review 7-6-2014


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