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THE DOT by Peter H. Reynolds


This hand-lettered book, the first in the series “Creatrilogy,” is all about encouragement of artistic self-expression.  Vashti doesn’t believe she has any ability to create.  With a small invitation to “just make a mark and see where it takes you” by her teacher, she begins a journey that leads to art that is all her own.

The creativity in each of us needs encouraging.  I truly know that.  From just a word, a push, a smile, blossoms can bloom. It is not just about drawing or painting either.  Writing, sculpting, playing a musical instrument, weaving, any form of art can show up with just that nudge.

Mr. Reynolds illustrates his book using watercolors, ink, and tea.  Yes, tea!  The illustrations are fun as they prompt the reader to turn page after page, looking forward to Vashti’s next artistic endeavor.  They remind us all that we have some buried creative expression that needs to be unearthed.

International Dot Day is September 15th.  You can find information about it @http://www.thedotclub.org/dotday/  Follow them on Twitter @ twitter.com/DotClubConnect  Visit the Dot Day Facebook page @ facebook.com/InternationalDotDay to see what others are doing and to share what you are doing on International Dot Day and everyday, for that matter!  Use the hashtags #DotDay or #Makeyourmark

FableVision Learning is an educational publishing company founded by Peter Reynolds.  His twin brother, Paul, is CEO, over a great team of very creative people.  Their website is  http://www.fablevisionlearning.com/  and they have a Dot Day link on their blog:  http://fablevisionlearning.com/blog/2013/08/dot-day-fun-watch-your-dot-come-to-life-in-amazing-3d-in-the-colar-app/

And then there is The Dot Project by a class of first graders and their teacher, Mr. Colosi:   http://www.thedotproject.org/  The world is invited into their project as well.  Lots of fun!!

This one little book has a multitude of Awards:

– The Christopher Award
– Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award Winner
– Irma S. and James H. Black Honor–Bank Street College of Education
– Publishers Weekly – STARRED Review
– Booklist – STARRED Review
– Chicago Public Library Best Books for Children and Teens
– School Library Journal – STARRED Review
– Nick Jr. Family Magazine – “Best of 2003” Awards – “Most Inspiring Book”
– Borders Original Voices Selection
– “Best Book of the Year” – Valerie Lewis “Children’s Book Review”/Hicklebee’s
– Book Sense 76 selection
– Babyzone Amazing Book Awards 2003
– Book Links Editor’s Best of 2003
– Chapman Awards for Best Classroom Read-Alouds
– #15 spot on TOP 100 GREATEST BOOKS FOR KIDS List by Scholastic PARENT and CHILD Magazine!

Reading Level: 3 months – 18 years

Peter H. Reynolds loved to doodle as a child. “I often visit classrooms and ask who loves to draw,” he says. “In kindergarten and first grade, all the hands go up. In second grade, most of the hands go up. In third grade, half the hands are up. By fourth and fifth grade, most of the hands are down, or perhaps pointing to ‘the class artist.’ It’s sad to see the artistic, creative energy slowing down, being packed away. I am convinced it’s because children learn early that there are ‘rules’ to follow. But when it comes to expressing yourself, you can invent your own rules. You can change them, you can stretch them, or you can ignore them all and dive headfirst into the unknown.” The illustrator of the Judy Moody series by Megan McDonald, Peter H. Reynolds was recently honored as Literacy Leader of the Year by Verizon. He is the president and creative director of FableVision Studios.   Go visit Peter H. Reynolds @ his website.  It’s a lot of fun too:   http://www.peterhreynolds.com/

Book Information:

  • ISBN-13: 9780763619619
  • Publisher: Candlewick Press
  • Publication date: 9/15/2003
  • Pages: 32
  • Product dimensions: 8.42 (w) x 7.70 (h) x 0.30 (d)

I originally reviewed this delightful book in September, 2013.


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