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DIGBY DIFFERS by Miriam Koch

5776807This LARGE format book (18-1/4 inches wide by 7 inches high), the simple picture, and the title drew me right into this wonderful book.

Have you ever felt like you just did not fit in? Like you are different from the rest?  Do you wonder where you belong?  Well, that is how Digby, a red and white striped sheep, feels.  Digby is different.  Digby yearns for a place that feels like home, a place where he belongs.  One day, he sees a hot air balloon with red and white stripes just like his own and he begins following it, eventually losing site of it as well as his way.  But he has begun a journey in search of that something, that place, that feeling, that…oh, you know, that something inside each one of us which speaks of belonging and being able to be ourselves.  Digby discovers far more than he could have ever imagined.

This unique book speaks to the “beautifully different” in each one of us.  It can lead to wonderful discussions about expressing ourselves in our individual ways, needing to feel accepted for who we are and not for who we may pretend to be so that we fit in.  Follow Digby as he searches for that different kind of place that he can call home.
Reading Level:  ages 4 – 8
Miriam Koch first published this book in 2007 in Germany where she lives.  Digby Differs has been much acclaimed and now the United States is getting to share in this special story of Digby.  Ms. Koch’s love for the North Sea and its coast inspired this book which she wrote and illustrated.  It was translated by Ann Garlid.  One place you can catch a glimpse of Ms. Koch is @ http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/996064.Miriam_Koch
Peter Pauper, the publisher, shares a write-up here:  http://www.peterpauper.com/digby-differs-4999
Book Information:

  • ISBN-13: 9781441313065
  • Publisher: Peter Pauper Press, Incorporated
  • Publication date: 8/1/2013
  • Pages: 40
  • Product dimensions: 6.80 (w) x 18.30 (h) x 0.50 (d)

Originally reviewed November, 2013


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