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4745132Oh, what a fun book!  Crayons on strike!  They do not want to color anymore, reason upon reason!  Each color writes a letter to Duncan, the colorer, the artist, about why it does not want to color, what it wants and does not want to color, and what might make it color for him once again.  I love this book for its creative story, for the fun of reading handwritten letters (in a child’s printing style) in that particular color addressed to Duncan, and for the possibilities it leaves to one’s imagination, even mine!

Some crayons complain about their jobs, what they have to color, or ask why they cannot color this or that.  Others are happy with the amount of coloring, what they color, even happy that Duncan stays in the lines when he colors, but they, too, have their reasons for not wanting to color.  One color even says Duncan colors outside the lines too much.  So who is to know which color is telling us the truth about the way Duncan colors!  One color feels that it is not treated fairly.  They each have a story, a fun story.

A child learning his or her colors will love discovering how crayons write letters, possibly encouraging children to write and express themselves through words on the page.  Plus this delightful book is an encouragement to children to draw and color, bringing out that artist in them.

“The Day the Crayons Quit” has been a #1 New York Bestseller (July, 2013), #2 in August, 2013.

Reading Level:  3-7 years old

Author, Drew Daywalt, is a filmmaker and author, living in Southern California.  You can find him on twitter –  https://twitter.com/DrewDaywalt

Illustrator, Oliver Jeffers, is originally from Belfast, Northern Ireland, now living in Brooklyn, New York.  He is an author and illustrator.  On a video from his website, I see that he loves what he does.  He has written and illustrated many books.  His website is fun like he seems to be:  http://oliverjeffersworld.com/

Book Information:
ISBN-13: 9780399255373
Publisher: Philomel Books (an imprint of Penguin Young Readers Group)
Publication date: 6/27/2013
Pages: 40
Product dimensions: 10.28 (w) x 9.82 (h) x 0.53 (d)

Originally reviewed by me August, 2013


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